MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE MOTOR VEHICLE BUREAU P. O. BOX 3111 JEFFERSON CITY MO 65109 TITLE ASSIGNMENT CORRECTION FORM FORM Reset Form Print Form REV. 7-2011 The Missouri Department of Revenue certifies that the record attached hereto is an exact duplicate of the original title/certificate of ownership lawfully filed or deposited with the Department pursuant to Chapter 301 RSMo for the unit listed below Year Make Vehicle Identification Number The attached document contains incomplete...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing missouri correction form

Hi this is Dave with AH one vehicle registration service also known as car registration City here in the city of Yucaipa today's lesson we're going to cover how to fill out the application for duplicate title so what are the occasions in which you would need to use the application for duplicate title well one occasion would be is if all you want is just a duplicate title and that said you know in other words you own this vehicle you don't have your title for whatever reason you just want to have it with you you would just simply mark off duplicate title fill all sections one through three and that's it okay another case would be it say if you're going to transfer the vehicle over and it could be your vehicle or it could be the other person's vehicle and you don't have the title you don't want to wait forward you just want to order to sell the vehicle you can go ahead and do a transfer without duplicate title the first thing you do is mark on the box up here transfer of title with duplicate next you get a first part of the form we're going to start from the top and work our way down your first one up here is going to be the license plate and if you can follow along with my mouse here you'll see it be the license plate information right here the next will be the VIN number in that VIN number is a 17 digit number combines of both numbers and letters and if you're not familiar where that's at if you have a car registration form it's going to be on the right-hand side if it's you don't have that then it'd be on your vehicle near the driver side and lower left-hand dashboard it's usually seen exactly from outside looking down next you're going to have over here your year make and vehicle okay so you're just going to mark your year slash the make of the vehicle and then two-digit year is fine section one is going to be who the current owner of the vehicle is right now so you'll put the current owners information here and with mostly DMVs paperwork that information is always going to be inputted with a last name first name and middle as you can see if you forget it's here in parentheses for you if the vehicle's owner's name was in a business name or a lessor of it was at least vehicle then that would go here as well and or actually that would go there if it's a business name that would go in place of whoever it is then the fund how its registered and again if it's an individual then their drivers license would go here if they don't have a driver's license and then the none would be marked on here and the same thing if there's a co-owner of the vehicle in other words two people on the vehicle so I'm following down along here you got the physical residence or business address and that needs to be filled out the current address of the owner where they live now and or whatever basically technically supposed to be the information what's on file with DMV right now that information not here okay and then you're gonna have the county of residence and that's...